Gallery- The Mandalas asPaintings &In Glass

                    The Totem/Shaman's Mask as Painting            The Shaman's Mask in Glass     36” diameter $3999

                        The Swan and the Shell as Painting                  The Swan and the Shell in Glass     22” x 25” diameter $1899

                              Eagle and the Cobra as Painting                       Eagle and the Cobra  in Glass      22” diameter  $4300 SOLD

                                 The Fire Wheel as Painting                       The Fire Wheel in Glass     36” diameter $6000  SOLD

                            Fish Swallows the Sun                                                                     36” diameter

This Mythic piece is still to be rendered into glass....

36" in diameter minimum, copperfoiled, with

each fish scale as layers of compatible kilnworked 

and/or painted  glass.  Please commision me  for 

your personal collection! Or install it at the entrance of an Aquarium

The cutline is ready to go.

Cost $6000. I will need $2000. for material.s to begin.

Email the artist at: on earth

We arrange shipping anywhere on earth, at a fair price.

Fine Art in Stained Glass by Evelyn Wolff - Wolff Glass Luminations 

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