After practicing Buddhism by chanting NamMyoHoRengeKyo  for over 40 years, I began to pray to understand what my mission must be once I finished my memoir, Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot V2. It contains stories of deep personal healing.  I wanted to share these stories to encourage people about our ability to heal their own wounds.

A few nights later I had a dream. In it a Buddha is flown about  on the back of a  great red Eagle to teach all conscious beings the Laws of Life.  The head of the Eagle glowed as if lit by sunset and the Buddhas head glowed in the moon light. About the Buddha floated bubbles. In each  was a wolf howling to the moon.  As one of the  wolves I understood that I was to share these principles  that  helped me heal, and turned the poison of my life  into medicine, first for myself and then for others. That is why I placed this image, The Buddha in Flight, on the front cover of V2 of my Memoir.

This series was  inspired, designed, and the latest ones rendered in my studio in Mazatlan, Mexico. My friends at Taller Vitrales-Alberto Ruiz and Jorge Romero- have soldered them  using the copperfoil technique and Nancy Franco, their talented mosaic artist, acts as my interpreter to assure clear communications.

All Images  posted on  Wolff Glass Website are For Sale  as Giclees--framed digital prints on canvas or cloth.  Click the button above to order Evelyn's prints  and other home decor from Fine Art America .

This series was developed for an art show at the Chapel Gallery, Bracebridge, ON called “Freeing the Bones”. The first image depicts Kali, the Multi Armed Goddess of creation and destruction. She has seven open chakras , intake points for spiritual energy to move through her body. To design these, I focused on each chakra in my body until an image  appeared and slowly etched its way into my brain, before I  rendered it. 

Each chakra will appear in my upcoming  book : The Chakras in  Stained Glass-learn about, see, and balance your chakras. 

 I will announce on both FB ,  and  on  this WGS website under LINKS/BOOKS when  it is published and available.

This series contains stained glass images of both Western and Eastern Astrology. I am posting them as I create them. The western series  has Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn completed. The Chinese astrology Series has the year of the Snake, and  to honor 2021  I will soon render the year of the Ox and then the year of the  Monkey as a Snow Monkey sitting in meditation.  You  can commission  me to design the symbol of your month or your Chinese Year  in  Stained Glass. The pieces are 16"x 20", and  will cost $1500-$2500 varying with complexity. To order see Artist/Contact Page and email me at: evelyn@  for a firm quote which includes  shipping One third is paid when  the contract is signed, one third when  the design is accepted, and one third on completion. 

Most of  these Flowers of Light were my contribution to the group  show “ The Language of Light ” held in 2004 at the Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge, Ontario. Each flower is an icon that represent one aspect of light as well as  a woman who encouraged my growth.  Later, I created images of other flowers-wild ones, indigenous to Algonquin Park for a show  at the Algonquin Art Gallery.

Most of these were designed between 1983 to 1990. They were created for people who wanted personalized  pieces to uplift them. I prayed about each person for a month and then chose the colors and crystals to support that person’s auric field and chakra needs.  Get a quote  from Evelyn at  for a  customized piece for you.

Nature’s beauty nurtures me . A day without seeing the stars and the moon, the light change over a lake, or the wind  affecting the moods of the water is a day without soul food. Muskoka has fed me well. Now the  warmth of the sun, the  tides and ocean breezes, the  birds, palms and flowers of Mazatlan hold me in their embrace. See these naturescapes and  the Mazatlan Series.

On encouraging a friend to create a design for glass, he drew a stick figure running with his kite down rainbow hill. His childlike spirit inspired me to make my own playful images, which now are some of my favorites.  

The peace of Muskoka also takes me on mythic voyages. There I encounter  my vision of the Chinese parable, The Phoenix and the Dragon Struggling over the Pearl of Wisdom; the Great Turtle which began as a base for a stained glass totem pole; the small version of the Great Beaver, a humorous rendition, of a far more complex piece.  The Great Spirit Beaver came from a meditation on staying joyful in my work. The Beaver is a very hard working multi-talented being, --a landscape artist, dam builder,  and logger,-- but like the Otter he never looses his playfulness.  Spirit Beaver was inspired by an experience on a northern lake swimming with a beaver under the northern lights. 

Five of these six mandalas were my initiation into channeled art. They came through me between1975-1976 when I first became an artist. The sixth was a Valentine’s Card designed in 1995 for my upcoming anniversary. In 2006, I finally fulfilled my dream to render these pieces in glass. The final one of this series is waiting for someone to commision it.  I have the cutline ready to go. Each fish scale will be a kiln worked piece of glass.  If you are nterested: email:  for a quote.

Read my memoir, Calming Dr.Twitch-A-Lot V1 which recounts my childhood but also the story of  how I became an artist.  V2 focuses on the healing of my deep childhood wounds, how I regained my health,  and my capacity for relationship. Due out April 2021. See LINKS to BOOKS to order from Friesen Press/Bookstore or Amazon.

Living in Muskoka the visitations and cries of loons, owls, great blue herons, ospreys, piliated woodpeckers, king fishers, cardinals, blue jays, and ravens thrilled and inspired me to render them. Now in Mazatlan Mexico I spend hours watching pelicans diving for their dinner at sunset, with their seagull friends waiting for scraps.  Frigate birds, vultures and hawks coast high on the updrafts of the winds accompanied by an occasional condor.  In the dense foliage of the mango tree, I see and hear the mouning doves frolicing with the gold finches at sunrise when the mangoes ripen.

This frog series began with my involvement in the Town of Huntsville’s preparations for the Water Healing Celebration held during the G8 Summit. The Frog’s presence reflects the health of the water system. It is also a symbol of purification and of personal and environmental healing. In South America, Shamans who carry Frog Medicine, are powerful healers who use water in their ceremonies.

Stained Glass can decorate windows, doors, transoms, or inlaid light-boxes above fireplaces as demonstrated in these pieces. Designs  can be made to suit your context: windows, stair railings, room dividers etc.  Enliven your environment with  my unique artistry. Send for a quote today: on the Artist/Contact page!

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